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Christian Heroes Movie Night Bundle

Grades: 6-8

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Enjoy an educational movie day or family movie night with these four movies featuring inspiring Christian heroes. They all are filled with great stories and excellent character-building lessons that kids can apply to their own lives.

There are over 50 pages! Find these activities and more

  • Pre-Viewing Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Comprehension Paragraphs + quizzes
  • Character Analysis
  • Theme Analysis
  • Applying to Your Own Life Activities
  • and more!

Each comes with an answer key. Learn about each film below:


The Hiding Place (PG), 15 pages

Corrie ten Boom and her family lived in Holland when WWII broke out. She and her family were active in the resistance and sheltered many Jews in their house. Corrie and her sister Betsie were taken to a concentration camp, where their faith persisted in the midst of the darkest times.

Soul Surfer (PG), 14 pages

Surfer Bethany Hamilton was only 13 years old when she lost her arm in a death-defying shark attack. Through perseverance, faith, and hard work, Bethany still grew up to fulfill her dream of being a professional surfer.

Gifted Hands (PG), 15 pages

Ben Carson grew up with all of the odds stacked against him. He was black and grew up in poverty to a single mother. Despite this, he became the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins in this incredible story.

Unbroken (PG-13), 15 pages

Louie Zamperini has an incredible story. As a child, he often found himself getting in trouble. As a teenager, he became an Olympian. During World War II, he was stranded for 47 days on a raft and was held prisoner of war by the Japanese for two years. His story is filled with survival, resilience, and redemption.

Grades: 4-7

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