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The Sound of Music Movie Study

Grades: 4-7


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The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews is one of my favorite films. It is filled with classic songs, a rich background, and memorable characters.

Set in pre-World War II Austria, a young nun, Maria, becomes the governess of seven children. The children's father, a widowed Navy captain, runs his household just like he runs one of his ships. Slowly, Maria begins to bring joy and love into their family through music.

The movie study is designed with grades 4-8 in mind, and activities can be adjusted for older or younger students.

There are 18 pages of activities and an answer key included.


  • Pre Viewing Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Multiple Choice Quiz
  • What happens next?


  • Austria
  • The True Story of the Von Trapps + History of Austria in the 1930s (for grades 6+)
  • The True Story Review Questions
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Lightning Strikes Questions


  • The Music of the Movie
  • Themes of the Movie
  • Traits of Maria and Captain von Trapp
  • Compare and Contrast


  • Edelweiss Craft
  • My Favorite Things
  • Word Search

Grades: 4-7

Page: 19

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Stacia Hillis

The Sound of Music Movie Study <h5><b>Grades:</b> 4-7 </h5>