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The Giver Movie Study

Grades: 5-10


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The Giver forces us to examine our world with an ideal world of sameness. Jonas lives in a seemingly ideal world. There is no joy or happiness, but there is no pain or suffering. In a coming of age ceremony, Jonas is given a special role called the Receiver of Memory. With his position as he begins to bond with his mentor The Giver, he begins to learn more about his seemingly perfect community.

This comes with 20 pages plus an answer key for this quiz.



  • Pre-Viewing Questions
  • Discussion Questions/Writing Prompts (2 ways)
  • Movie Quiz 


  • Traits of Jonas boxes
  • Traits of Jonas, Giver, and the Chief Elder
  • Chief Elder vs the Giver
  • Jonas' Mom vs Jonas' Dad 


  • Our Diverse World
  • Making Memories/Emotions
  • Book and Movie Comparison
  • Creative Cover
  • Pros and Cons of a Perfect World
  • Discovering a New World
  • Career Choices Traits
  • Notable Quotes from the book

      Grades: 5-12

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