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The Ultimate US History Cheat Sheets


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Who was the 16th president? What is the capital of Maine? When was World War II again?

There’s no need for cluttered notes or sticky notes in your textbook margins. Make US history easy again with The Ultimate US History Cheat Sheets. These simple "cheat sheets” were created with grades 4-8 in mind. Whenever you need to jog your memory, simply look it up in these no-fluff reference guides.

These cheat sheets aren't meant for teaching the material, but are designed for when you need a quick reminder on how to find out what started the American Civil War or who Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vice presidents were.

Each sheet is colorful and fun without being too cluttered. The bright colors make the terms easier to memorize within time!

Table of Contents

  1. America: A Guide
  2. List of Presidents I
  3. List of Presidents II
  4. United States of America Map
  5. List of the 50 States and Capitals
  6. Three Branches of Government
  7. Bill of Rights
  8. Branches of Military
  9. Declaration of Independence and Constitution
  10. American Revolutionary War and War of 1812
  11. American Civil War and World War I
  12. World War II and Korean War
  13. Vietnam War and Iraqi War
  14. Famous Events in American History 1
  15. Famous Events in American History 2


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