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Projekt 1065 Book Study

Grades: 5-7


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Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz is an action-packed novel for middle schoolers set during World War II. It offers a great introduction to many key people and events during the war. Additionally, there are several excellent moral and ethical points that are worth discussing.

Thirteen-year-old Michael is the son of the Irish ambassador in Germany. He joins the Hitler Youth as a spy, trying to find the blueprints for the secret Projekt 1065. In order to be convincing, he must work to fit in, even though he disagrees with it. Along the way, Michael learns about courage, sacrifice, and the true costs of war.

There are 20 pages of activities plus an answer key.
  • Pre-Reading Questions
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Comprehension Questions Part 1 (first half of novel)
  • Comprehension Questions Part 2 (second half)
  • Final Quiz (multiple choice)


  • Vocabulary List
  • 2 Vocabulary Quizzes (matching)
  • Michael: Beginning vs End
  • Traits graphic organizer (Michael and Fritz)
  • Themes graphic organizer
  • Old Fritz vs New Fritz Venn Diagram
  • Sacrifice
  • Notable Quotes


  • Fact vs Fiction Venn Diagram
  • WWII Terms and Events List
  • Notable People From Book List
  • People and Events Matching

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