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Math Interactive Notebook

Grades: 4-8


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Note: The Math Interactive Notebook comes in two formats: digital and printed.


  • Will be available immediately after purchase.
  • No physical copy will be shipped.

Printed: (SALE)

  • Will be shipped within 1-3 days of purchase.
  • Printed on normal white paper.

This Math Interactive Notebook bundle comes with 30 jam-packed pages full of math fun! Enjoy learning about fractions, temperature, and more with these activities. It is designed to pair perfectly with The Ultimate Math Cheat Sheets.

Use Astrobrights paper for bright, colorful results, or color your own! However you learn best, create your own custom Interactive notebook!

Make each page your own. Easily use the premade templates or come up with your own examples. The options are endless!

Need some help on where to start? Step by step directions are included - no need to spend hours researching or guessing how to use them.

The notebook comes with 23 pages as the "core" of your notebook.

For underneath the flaps of your interactive notebook, use the optional example and definition cards. (* for those with example or definition cards)

  • Fraction Vocabulary (x2)*
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages*
  • Ways to Show Multiplication
  • Conversions: Length*
  • Conversions: Metric*
  • Conversions: Volume*
  • Gallon, Quart, Pint, Cup*
  • Greater Than, Less Than*
  • Median, Middle, Mode, Range*
  • Place Value 1
  • Place Value 2 (with How to Show a Number)
  • Key Words: Addition and Subtraction*
  • Key Words: Multiplication and Division*
  • 2D Shapes*
  • 3D Shapes*
  • Types of Triangles*
  • Types of Angles*
  • Types of Lines*
  • Trigonometry*
  • Temperature
  • Envelope for extra contents
  • Table of Contents

Note: You will receive files in a ZIP folder.

Grades: 4-8