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I Am David Book Study


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I Am David by Anne Holm tells the story of 12 year old David who escapes from a labor camp in post World War II. This poignant novel is filled with many life lessons. Use this novel study to explore the book, its characters, and David's journey!

This book study includes 30 pages plus an answer key:

  • Discussion Questions/Writing Prompts (2 versions: list and free response)
  • 7 Comprehension Quizzes (multiple choice) and Final Quiz
  • The Land of Denmark
  • Vocabulary (5 pages)
  • The Beauty of Words Activity
  • David's Journey (with map of Europe)
  • Book and Movie Comparison
  • Traits of David
  • Lessons from Johannes
  • The Man Analysis
  • How Do The Characters Help David?
  • Notable Quotes
  • Settings Activity (2)
  • Creative Cover

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