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Kids Movie Night Bundle (G Rated)

Grades: 4-6

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Enjoy an educational movie day or family movie night with these four fun G-rated movies! They all are filled with great stories and excellent character-building lessons that kids can apply to their own lives.

There are over 65 pages! Find these activities and more

  • Discussion Questions
  • Movie Quiz
  • Character Analysis
  • Theme Analysis
  • Drawing Activities
  • Applying to Your Own Life Activities
  • and more!

Each comes with an answer key.

Hover on each film for more information.

Meet the Robinsons (15 pages)

Mulan (15 pages) 

The Emperor's New Groove (16 pages) 

Finding Nemo (19 pages)

Grades: 4-7

Pages: 68

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I used this as a counseling/therapy tool with my kids. We watched the movie (movies - we haven't gone through all of them yet) and discussed character development and character traits displayed throughout the movie. The character comparison worksheets and analysis of characters to discuss positive and negative characters - discussed kindness and helping others, etc. Managed to spread the topic out across *almost* a week's worth of conversation.

Maria Magdalena
A perfect tools for visual learner to manage literacy skills

I finally found tools to manage literacy skills through the movie. Learning with the movie and Kids Movie Night Bundle is so much fun! Kids will watch a movie and then appreciate and review it through the bundle. They watch, read, and write all at once. The bundle also has an interesting look. So glad that I found this bundle! Thank you for sharing your effort with us.

Wonderful Resource!

It can be tough keeping kids engaged at the end of the school year, and homeschool is no exception!

When I was asked to review this bundle, I was thinking it would be a fun break in our usual routine. I didn't realize just how much the kids would learn, or how engaged they would be. It. Was. Awesome.

I thought that having the kids watch their favorite movie from their preschool years (Finding Nemo) would be a step back in their learning, but I was wrong. This bundle goes way beyond the basics I expected.

They actually enjoyed taking the mini quiz on the movie. (Who knew they'd like quizzes?) Then we delved into themes from the movie and they did a short writing assignment from the bundle.

But my favorite is the addition of the non-fiction reading pieces that tie in to the movies. With Finding Nemo they read about Australia (getting in our geography work) and sea turtles (science time).

I can't wait to try out the activities for the other movies as we finish our school year!

Loved it! So much more than I expected!

I wasn't sure that my kids could learn much from some of their favorite movies but I was wrong! This morning I struggled to get my kids on task so I could check some things off of my to-do list but my kids just wouldn't cooperate. I knew I needed something to entertain them but I hate when we use "school time" for movies and TV. When I found these movie studies, I knew they'd be perfect.
What I didn't expect was just how much they would cover! After watching "Finding Nemo," I printed out the entire 19 page set for my kids and they got to work. I loved that my kindergartner enjoyed the worksheets just as much as my middle and high schoolers! They learned about sea turtles, Australia and fish! You can imagine my surprise when I heard my kiddos talking about "symbiotic relationships" while I was working in the other room!
My kids loved the short and effective lessons they learned using these movie guides. I can't wait to try out the others, too!