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The Ultimate Language Arts Cheat Sheets

Grades: 4-8


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Do you struggle with remembering all of the different parts of speech, let alone the difference between a metaphor and a simile? Make learning easier with The Ultimate Language Arts Cheat Sheets!

Use these language arts printables as a quick "cheat sheet!" Each sheet is designed as a compressed resource so you can quickly find the information you need, when you need it. Plus, each sheet is brightly colored and eye-catching without being too cluttered.

When I was first learning the parts of speech, I remember my textbook going too quickly for me to keep up. Getting tired of flipping through my book trying to find the definition of "preposition," I made myself a sheet that had everything I needed to know on just a few pages!

Table of Contents:

  • Parts of Speech: Part 1
  • Parts of Speech: Part 2
  • Punctuation
  • The Four Types of Sentences
  • Parts of Sentences: Part 1 (Basic)
  • Parts of Sentences: Part 2 (Advanced)
  • How to Diagram Sentences: Part 1
  • How to Diagram Sentences: Part 2
  • Figurative Language
  • Common Homophones
  • Which word should I use?
  • Transitional Words
  • Words to use instead of “very”
  • Words to use instead of “said”
  • Writing an Essay
  • Types of a Story
  • Proofreading Marks and Checklist

SPIRAL BOUND: The spiral bound copy interior pages are made with coated glossy 100# paper. The cover has Ultra Gloss UV coating and is made from 120# paper.

DIGITAL: You will receive a PDF file for the digital copy, which you can download and print on your computer immediately.

Digital downloads will be received immediately. Spiral bound copies will be shipped within 1-3 business days. You will receive a tracking number 1-3 days after purchase.

What others are saying:

I love the way the pages are laid out with nice bright colors and clean lines. They are eye-catching without being cluttered, distracting, or cutesy. This is a great reference for upper elementary and middle school students that will grow with them thanks to the variety of templates.  -Rebecca, Edventures at Home

I wish I had this cheat sheet when I was in school!  Not only does Samantha clearly explain and define each part of speech, but she gives easy to follow examples.  These truly are the Ultimate Language Arts Cheat Sheets!  -Meeghan, Sight and Sound Reading

This is exactly what I have been looking for!  I have been wanting a language arts resource that my kids can easily refer to when working on their grammar and writing, and Samantha’s cheat sheets totally fit the bill.  I especially love the pages about diagramming sentences – a great visual.  Now, I just hope Samantha will put together a resource with math cheat sheets! -Sarah, My Joy-Filled Life

I have printed them off, laminated them and am holding them together with a ring at the moment. My boys are loving having them when completing their Language Arts curriculum. -Stacey, A Moment in our World

I really love the beautiful layout of these Language Arts Cheat Sheets. As a busy homeschooler it is important to me that I provide great resources for my child to use.
These sheets are extremely helpful for children to look up certain literacy rules quickly and efficiently. They are even attractive to enough to hang up on your walls as daily reminders.  -Jenny, The Relaxed Homeschool

As an educator, it is important that I provide my children with the tools necessary to succeed on their own.  “The Ultimate Language Arts Cheat Sheets” is a comprehensive collection of resources that supports students in their language studies. -Yvonne, Team V Education

Grades: 4-8

Pages: 15

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Homeschool mom
Phenomenal for visual learners!

I was blown away by this resource! The information contained within the 'book' is very organized, beautiful to look at, visually intriguing and incredibly easy to use. I have a couple of visual learners, and they have both commented that the visual appeal of this 'book' makes the information inside of it easy to remember.
As a student, I was a serious note-taker. This resource is like the ultimate book of notes! It contains the information you need in a colorful way that is easy for almost any age to comprehend.
As a bonus, a short, hand-written note from Samantha was included with my purchase, and little things like that make such a difference in a customer's overall experience.
Samantha's website is colorful, very well-organized and visually appealing, just like her resources!

Patricia Graves

My kids love using it.

Kayla Horton
Love these items

Ordered so many things for my first time
Homeschool journey, and I have loved every single one!!! Colorful, fun, and informative.

Gabrielle Watson
Wonderful ELAR Resource for Homeschoolers

Yet, another excellent, colorful resource for our new homeschool family. While the targeted grade level is 4-8, I use this with both our kids (3rd & 6th) because it has a variety of resources for writing, like sentence diagramming, homophones, words to use instead of Very or Said! It is a wonderful table top resource for folks with limited wall space like us. We home school in our dining room. When my daughter (6th grade) is ready to review her writing supplement for the week, we pull out this resource to ensure that she uses words other than Very and Said in her writing as well as to ensure that her writing follows the "hamburger" method. This is so helpful! It is sturdy, slim, and will withstand many years in our homeschool. Thanks!!

Jama Schwartz
Good resources

These printables and sheets are good resources to allow my boys to go back and try to solve their problems on their own before asking questions. They also provide some guidelines for how things are to be structured. These are overall great resources.